Does my business really need a website?

Most companies can't afford regional or network radio and TV advertising, or expensive national magazines. But with a Website, they now have the vehicle necessary to very cost-effectively reach to the vast Internet community - throughout the World.

What will be the perfect cost of a web site?

It depends on the type of the site. It also depends on how much pages you want to have. For example: - if you want to make a complete website of 5 pages without any animation on it, it is cheap. It also depends on the complexity of the website. Note: Domain and web hosting is included in our all packages.

How long will it take for you to create my website?

It usually depends upon how large and complex the solution is. In case you have a deadline, we will ensure to meet it on the mutually decided deadlines. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your website development requirements.

If I have a website, will you make changes for me?

We can redesign your website or add content to an existing site. It costs less money than building one from scratch.

How fast can I get a quote from you?

You will get your quote within 24 working hours of our time.

Do you provide entire website design along with the web development services?

Yes, we provide the entire website design along with the web development services for our clients. We provide one-stop solution for your web requirement.

How can I receive my updates from you?

We will send you, your project layout in .jpg format through mail. After you confirm the layout we will start the coding of that layout.

How do you maintain web sites?

We maintain websites by adding new content to the site, add new pages, add or replace the images or by removing them from the site. Maintenance fees is paid monthly to keep your site updated with new content that you will provide. Most good web sites have new content updated regularly. Fresh content is what will keep your visitors coming back.

What are your payment steps?

We require 50% deposit of the contract value at the time of finalizing the project. When you'll approve design, we complete the coding of the website and we will show you the site through our test server. After your approval you need to pay the remaining 50% to enable us to transfer the whole site to your server.